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Corrosion is an extremely destructive force, causing billions of dollars every year globally. Almost all industries are affected by the impact of corrosion, including oil & gas, manufacturing, process, petrochemical and mining.

Oceanics is dedicated to help our clients to protect their valuable assets, reduce downtime, equipment failure, enhance productivity and maximize profitability by preventing corrosion. Our experienced teams will provide the customized solutions to meet client’s specific needs.

Oceanics services includes:

  • Corrosion Consulting
  • Preservation & Reactivation
  • Corrosion in Concrete
  • Electrical Services

Our Offices

We focus on international growth, providing cost-effective solutions to the oil and gas industry as well as other industrial engineering markets. We are equipped with outstanding innovative technology and highest health & safety and quality standards.

We are an operational entity with a worldwide presence and the global experience that can provide a full service and support the client’s needs.

Oceanics provides a range of services globally as we established our offices in Singapore, Australia and UK.