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Why Oceanics

Committed to operational excellence in our services

Oceanics offers an environmentally-safe Total Corrosion Protection Plan using the latest chemical technologies that are appropriate, green and cost effective products.

At Oceanics we use VCI Technology which is the latest chemical technology available to alleviate concerns in the areas of health, safety, flammability and pollution control, while providing multi-metal short and long-term protection.

Specialised services to prevent corrosion

The principles of Oceanics have years of experience in the energy business. Our team is supported by a full staff of technical service engineers, customer service representatives and an extensive development group.

Oceanics is highly qualified to provide corrosion protection solutions to increase the profits, improve product quality, reduce waste and pollution.

List of our common industries and applications:
  • Oil & Gas – Onshore and Offshore
  • Manufacturers (OEMs) and Service Companies
  • LNG Facilities
  • Refineries/Petrochemical
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants