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Electrical services

Oceanics provide Sustainable Solutions in Electrical, Instrumentation and Control for Oil & Gas Industry. Electrical services offered by Oceanics from repair and overhaul of generator equipment and repair of control circuits. Our electrical services include installation, testing and troubleshooting the equipment.

We are taking new ship building electrical works and we handle projects transferred from other companies.

Our electrical service also includes the following works:

  • Electrical new ship building project works
  • Insulation testing and termination works
  • Installation works for all types of navigation equipment
  • Troubleshooting of motors and electrical equipment
  • Fabrication and installation of electrical control panel works
  • Pre-commissioning & commissioning of all electrical systems
  • Overhauling, rewinding and repairing of AC/DC motors & generators
  • Power distribution maintenance
  • Anchorage and voyage ship repairs
  • Supply technicians for all electrical works