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Rig Preservation & Reactivation

Oceanics provide the comprehensive corrosion protection products and services to protect the individual units, maintain performance, enhance safety and maximize the profitability of our customers. Oceanics have designed a customized Stacking Program for both warm and cold stacked rigs to ensure the integrity of client’s OEM equipment between contract periods and seamless transitions from stacked to ready to operation.

We have the clear understanding about caring of any equipment is vital when it is not in use as like when it is in operation/drilling. Let us use our competence, knowledge and integrity to keep all the equipment ready to operate/drill.

All inspections layup, preservation and reactivation procedures will behaving recommended practices to API, IMO, ABS and DNV Rules specifically.

Acceptance of the equipment is essential to ensure that reactivated equipment meet the intended or better quality requirements as before the program started. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that the equipment is cared for throughout its lifecycle and performs according to the client’s acceptance standards.

Oceanics Preservation Services

Our dedicated team will help to assess the client’s preservation and reactivation needs during stacking periods to meet the objectives and financial performance,

  • Preservation Engineering
  • Rig Survey
  • Preparation of preservation procedures.
  • Execution of preservation work
  • Preservation Maintenance
  • De-preservation as a part of reactivation


  • Project management teams assigned by Oceanics

  • Oceanics - executed program

  • Minimal support personnel from customer

  • Equipment experts involved throughout project

  • Project management team assigned by Oceanics

  • Oceanics personnel provide onsite supervision

  • Customer-executed programs

Work Process

Our Step-by-Step Work Process
  • Work Process Image 01
    Issue of procedures
  • Work Process Image 02
    Supply of materials
  • Work Process Image 03
    Executation of work
  • Work Process Image 04