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We offer inspection service for our clients to check the quality of materials and assets. We provide both third party inspection and vendor inspection. Also we offer quality audits at project sites as well as vendor locations. We also provide manpower resources for inspection services.

Documentation reports on inspection is the main aspect of inspection services, So we provide specification and qualification on welding procedures. All the inspection reports are reviewed and approved as final documentaion.

Our inspection services includes the following procedures:

  • Periodic inspections (regular testing, inspection, turning, and periodic operation)
  • Continuous preservation
  • Recording all actions in log / monthly report
  • Service and necessary repairs
  • Continuous monitoring by our staff on board
  • 24x7 manned base office

Quality Assurance Service

Oceanics perform all forms for quality control, NDT inspection and surveillance. We are mainly targeted towards oil and gas related development projects, petrochemical plants and offshore work.

Our Quality Assurance Services includes the following works:

  • Quality system and procedures
  • Welding procedure specification and qualification
  • Quality control inspections at project sites and vendor locations