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Complete corrosion control environmentally safe VCI Technology

At Oceanics, we use the latest technology and methodology in VCI (The term "VCI" stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) for the preservation process. We provide a wide variety of corrosion prevention products to meet any of our client’s preservation needs.

How does VCIs works?

  • Conditions enclosed atmosphere with a protective vapor

  • Vapor migrates to all recessed areas and cavities

  • Vapor condenses on all metal surfaces

  • Ions dissolve in moisture layer (water electrolyte)

  • Protective ions are attracted to metal surfaces

  • Ions form a thin, monomolecular protective layer at the metal surface

  • Protective layer re-heals and self-replenishes through further condensation of the vapor

Complete system preservation from corrosion using volatile corrosion inhibitor based technologies

In addition, VCI combines with other functional properties, including antistatic, lubricating, cleaning, paint removing, polymeric coatings, rust removing and fire retarding.

It is available in various forms to suit the application – Water‐base, Oil‐base, Diesel‐base, Paper & Plastic. The vapor will protect inaccessible areas/parts. VCI is invisible, non‐ toxic, non‐reactive and non‐hazardous & easy to use. VCI prevents corrosion and stops existing corrosion.


  • Health, safety and pollution control

  • Multi-metal protection, ferrous and non-ferrous metals

  • Temporary protection during in-plant processing

  • Medium-term protection for shipment and storage

  • Extended protection for lay-up, mothballing and field service

  • Protect against humidity and aggressive atmospheres as well as against corrosive industrial, marine and tropical atmospheres

  • Protected parts are immediately ready for use

  • Our barrier coatings are easily removed with conventional cleaning methods

  • Does not alter most material properties

  • VCI protect any size product from tiny electronic devices to large containerized shipments

  • VCI protect any size product from tiny electronic devices to large containerized shipments