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Complete corrosion control environmentally safe VCI Technology

At Oceanics, we advanced corrosion prevention technologies and Preservation Techniques in VCI (The term "VCI" stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) for the preservation process. We provide a wide variety of corrosion prevention products to meet any of our client’s preservation needs.

How does VCIs works?

  • This illustration shows how the dissolved VCI atoms migrate to the surface of the metal forming a monomolecular layer on all surface of the component or spare part, thus eliminating the formation of corrosion and stops the propagation of the existing corrosion, if any. The VCI vapor will protect inaccessible areas/parts.

  • It is available in various forms to suit the application – Water‐base, Oil‐base, Diesel‐base, Paper & Plastic. .

  • VCI is invisible, non‐ toxic, non‐reactive and non‐hazardous & easy to use.

  • VCI prevents corrosion and stops existing corrosion.

Complete system preservation from corrosion using volatile corrosion inhibitor based technologies


  • Cost Effective & Clean Technology

  • More effective Environmentally-friendly-Biodegradable and non-toxic, non-hazardous, user-friendly – VERY SAFE TO USE !

  • Life Cycle Preservation - Suitable for all phases of the asset life (Cradle to Grave)

  • Enables monitoring of results

  • It is a one-time application with a long-term protection

  • Multi phase protection – Oil, Water and Air

  • Can be applied at “in-use” operations

  • Easy to apply and does not require removal prior to use